Did you know MS Dhoni’s Land Rover is serviced at Maruti – Here’s why

With no service centers of high end brands in his hometown Ranchi, MS Dhoni takes his prized vehicles to local Maruti Service Station for repairs.

Cricket legend, Mahindra Singh Dhoni’s love for two and four wheelers is a well known fact. He is the proud owner of a host of prized bikes and luxurious cars and has recently got himself the all American GMC Sierra All Terrain pickup truck manufactured by General Motors. Priced at INR 70 lakhs, this is the only one of its kind in the country.

Living in the small town of Ranchi however, does pose a problem for MS Dhoni when he wants his vehicles repaired or serviced, as most high end brands do not have their reputed service centers in this city.

Dhoni hence opts to take his vehicles to the Maruti Service Station in Ranchi for necessary repairs and it is here that his Freelander was spotted a few days ago.

Dhoni, a keen biking enthusiast (he is also the first owner of Ninja H2 in India) also tinkers with his bikes and cars to keep them in pristine condition. He has also forged a good relationship with personnel at Maruti Service Station.

They hence allow him to bring in vehicles from other brands, something most dealerships avoid, but the Ranchi dealership has made an exception for Dhoni where technicians are skilled enough to take on repairs/service of these imported vehicles. It may be remembered, that some months ago, it was Dhoni’s custom built Mahindra Scorpio that was also parked at the Maruti Service Station in Ranchi for cleaning and fixing of faulty turbocharger.

Source Team-BHP