M/s Tejaswi Motors is the new Fiat India dealership in Hyderabad

Mr. Enrico Atanasio, Head Commercial and Mr. A K Sinha – Country Head for Fiat Product Group, Tata Motors inaugurated the first independent Fiat India dealer in Hyderabad on May 9, 2012. This dealership situated at Punnaiah Plaza is a 5,400 sq ft showroom with 80 sq feet of frontage space. This showroom is specially designated for Fiat India and will give customers a chance to view and experience these cars while enhancing the buying experience.

M/s Tejaswi Motors is Tata Fiat existing dealer and it is their idea to open an exclusive Fiat India Showroom that will offer exclusive Fiat brand of vehicles to customers. Mr. B S Neelakanta is the Managing Director of Tejaswi Motors and has a long and fruitful association with Fiat and Tata Motors.

Fiat diesel engines are more popular in the country and particularly in the city of Hyderabad which has a strong diesel market. This new dealership will cater to the two Fiat popular brands Punto and Linea both of which are extremely popular in India and having an exclusive dealer showroom would work to its advantage.

After having a joint distribution package with Tata Motors, Fiat India has decided that they will have their own exclusive dealership and have hence inaugurated M/s Tejaswi Motors as their exclusive dealers for Hyderabad.

In 2007, Tata Motors and Fiat India had a joint distribution package which also included co manufacturing of products at their plant in Ranjangaon near Pune. During the past 5 years 190,000 cars and 337,000 powertrains have been produced.

India being a very strategic market for Fiat Group, the need for a separate dealership was the need of the hour. Tata Fiat dealer M/s Tejaswi Motors themselves have decided to open up a separate showroom exclusively for Fiat so as to concentrate on a separate customer base while enhancing customer relationships. Fiat diesel cars are more popular within Hyderabad and M/s Tejaswi Motors will be concentrating on Fiat Linea and Punto.

News Release: FIAT India inaugurates its first exclusive dealership in Hyderabad

Tejaswi Motors is the authorised dealer for FIAT Dealership inaugurated by Mr. Enrico Atanasio , Head- Commercial and Mr. A K Sinha- Country Head -Fiat Product Group, Tata Motors

FIAT India automobiles today inaugurated its first independent world class dealership in Hyderabad, Tejaswi Motors, at Punnaiah Plaza; this will be FIAT’s first outlet in India. The 5,400 sq ft showroom with a frontage of 80 feet is specially designed to give the real FIAT experience to its customers, another move by the company in strengthening its brand presence in India, after having launched its Fiat Caffe a few months ago. The showroom which was opened by an existing Tata Fiat dealer will provide an enhanced FIAT buying experience.

The dealership was inaugurated by Mr. Enrico Atanasio, Head- Commercial, Fiat India and Mr. A K Sinha- Country Head -Fiat Product Group, Tata Motors.

Commenting on this association, Mr. Enrico Atanasio, Head- Commercial, said: “FIAT group views India as a very strategic market and will be opening a new company to leverage this potential. Following our announcement, the fact that an existing TATA FIAT dealer, M/s Tejaswi Motors has taken the initiative in opening up an exclusive showroom for FIAT and providing the FIAT brand experience reconfirms the strong relationship and overall strategic approach we share with TATA. We are confident that this partnership with Tejaswi Motors will play a crucial role in intensifying customer base and enhancing customer experience in the city of pearls”

Mr. B S Neelkanta, Managing Director, Tejaswi Motors said, “We are extremely proud to be associated with FIAT India and are committed to provide our customers in Hyderabad a premium buying experience. FIAT diesel engines are very popular in the country and with Hyderabad being a strong diesel market historically; we have invested in opening this showroom at a very prominent location to offer excellent brand experience to both existing and potential customers.”

The dealership exclusively caters to FIAT India and will retail its two existent models: Linea and Punto. The launch of this dealership is the latest episode in FIAT India’s commitment to expanding its network in the country.