Freecharge partners with Mumbai Traffic Police – Pay your fines via mobile

FreeCharge digital payment platform has entered into an agreement with Mumbai Traffic Police for collection of traffic fines. Traffic fines will be collected using this mobile wallet service and follows the new demonetization policy that came into effect on 8th November 2016 which was followed by paucity of physical cash.

FreeCharge has said that around 500 e-challan devices have been introduced at traffic chowkies across Mumbai. Any traffic offender gets an e-challan registered against his vehicle registration number. This is then sent on to the person’s mobile phone after which the user has to log on to, enter his challan number and vehicle number and make payments via this mobile wallet service.


Mumbai Traffic Police have stated they expect to see an increase of around 8 lakh challans from a current 25 lakhs. This system will also allow the traffic police to keep a check on repeated offenders. Besides partnering with the Mumbai Traffic Police, FreeCharge is also in talks with police personnel in other cities across the country for the implementation of e-challans and payments via FreeCharge.

Amount collected via traffic challans is significant especially in the metros. While Mumbai collects around INR 100 crores annually, Delhi’s collection amounts to INR 140 crores while collection in Bengaluru is around INR 70 crores. It is not only the Metros where traffic challans are mounting but even smaller cities like Ahmedabad receives around INR 17 lakhs via such collections.

Mumbai police two wheeler helmet drive
File photo: Mumbai police two wheeler helmet drive

FreeCharge has also entered into an agreement with the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the introduction of “AP Purse” to help consumers make digital payments. Consumers can download AP Purse, access and install the app and make digital payments in an efficient and less time consuming manner.