NASA reveals new Mars Rover Concept – Batmobile lookalike?

NASA has unveiled the new Mars Rover concept at Kennedy Space Center on Saturday celebrating the Summer of Mars festival.

14 feet in width and can occupy upto 4 passengers. Its makeup is dominated by rugged suspension and a total of six 50” wheels which are designed to take on the most rugged of terrain and also soft sandy road conditions.

Though no engine details have been revealed, it is estimated that the Mars Rover is powered by an electric drive train with solar panels. It has been designed in such a way so it can be used as a mobile complete research laboratory with plenty of space at the rear to conduct experiments.

On display at the Kennedy Space Center, till the end of this month, the Mars Rover concept will later tour the east coast to Atlanta, New York City, Jersey City, and Washington D.C. It is fitted with life support system, navigation and communication systems. It is powered by a 700 volt battery pack allowing Mars Rover concept to travel at speeds upto 112 kmph.

According to Rebecca Shireman, assistant manager of public relations for the Kennedy visitor complex, “It’s an all-encompassing effort to review the history of our efforts to explore Mars and look ahead to what is being planned,” she said. “We hope this will encourage young people to want to learn more about being a part of the effort to go to Mars.”

The main aim of building this Mars Rover concept with a certain futuristic design is to educate people on the red planet. It took the Parker Brothers just 5 months to build this vehicle with inputs from astronauts and NASA.