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NawaRacer Hybrid Electric Motorcycle Set To Make Debut Soon

NawaRacer Hybrid Electric Motorcycle
NawaRacer Hybrid Electric Motorcycle

NawaRacer is unlikely to become a production model anytime soon but may end being a one-off racing prototype

“Electric power sources hold the key to future mobility solutions.” This statement has been reiterated countless times in the past few years and as time goes by, we have witnessed new advancements in electric vehicle (EV) technologies. Earlier EVs were powered by Lead acetate batteries which later evolved into Lithium-ion batteries and are the predominant source of power currently.

In January last year, Nawa Technologies, a company that specialises in development of super high-tech batteries and charging systems, revealed the NawaRacer Concept. This concept was powered by a first-of-its-kind hybrid electric powertrain and is soon set to be revealed in the form of a working prototype.

More Details

This electric bike is presently being developed by the French battery tech expert in association with YSY Group, Pronergy, FAAR and AKKA Technologies. The concept made its appearance last year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Not to be confused by the hybrid description stated earlier, NawaRacer draws its entire energy from a battery, however, the technology in use is a lot more sophisticated with a new battery management system.


Starting with its styling, the electric motorcycle adopts a classic design inspired by the cafe racers of the 1960s. It gets retro-inspired elements such as a round LED headlamp with an integrated circular LED DRL, minimalistic bodywork, black alloy wheels and smooth flowing lines.

NawaRacer Hybrid Electric Motorcycle
NawaRacer Hybrid Electric Motorcycle

The neo-retro look is further accentuated by copper accents and an upswept single-piece tan seat. A completely exposed tail section provides a modern touch giving the overall design a nice contrast.

Specs Details

Coming to its specs, the cafe racer utilises a combination of nano and clean technologies. This unique combination forms an electrode that has been incorporated into what the company calls an Ultra Fast Carbon Battery. Commonly known as an ultracapacitor, this new technology is capable of storing ten times more power and producing five times more energy. It also provides much faster charging which makes it ideal for a wide number of applications.

This NawaCap ultracapacitor lithium-ion hybrid setup is capable of charging zero to 80 percent in just one hour. It comes with a capacity of 0.1kWh and weighs only ten kilos. 80 percent of the energy lost could be recovered through regenerative braking. Thanks to an impressive regen capacity, NawaRacer requires a small 9kWh battery. This battery feeds energy to a hubless rim motor instead of a regular hub-mounted motor which develops a power output of close to 100 horses.

Weighing a total of 150kg, NawaRacer is comparatively lighter than contemporary electric motorcycles. It is claimed to attain a top speed of 160 kmph with a combined single-charge range of 150km. On the other hand, its Urban range is claimed to offer an impressive range of 300km. Nawa Technologies has no intention to bring the e-bike to a full production stage. However, the company has revealed that it could end up being a production model should any manufacturer be interested to take this project ahead.

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