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NDMC to install 65 electric vehicle charging stations in Delhi

MOHI says the Rs.14000 crore support plan is in its final stages of approval and likely to be announced within months. Delhi is witnessing an increasing need for charging stations to support its growing number of electric vehicles and recent ban of e-rickshaws. While this is NDMC’ second attempt to implement a project along these lines, municipal corporation officials are now positive about its implementation owing to rise in popularity of e-vehicles, As such, demand EV- friendly facilities including charging stations has increased.

Power supply companies like NDPL, electric scooter, and car manufacturers are engaged in discussions with the government to install charging stations. Improved market sentiment has been further fueled by early signs of an economic recovery with inflation in control, and general industrial production increased. Some experts though attribute EV sales to improved consumer sentiment, and not factual economic data, and sustainability of EV demand is being questioned.

Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, and Director Corporate Affairs of the SMEV (Society for Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles), says electric scooter and car business in India has experienced tumultuous times these past 5 years. Tough times helped dismiss market entrants that weren’t quality conscious, and entered intending to make quick bucks. The natural weeding process has resulted in better electric scooters and cars suited to Indian environment, road and driving conditions. Electric scooter customers these past two years are happy to have done away with running costs of petrol vehicles. With more than 4 lakh electric scooter and car users in India, customers are benefiting from evolution in technology.

Manufacturers who have recently launched new electric scooter and car models are expecting good sales in the festive season. Manufacturers are offering extended warranty, additional free services, discounts and gifts to boost sentiments.

A number of state nodal agencies are in talks with manufacturers regarding pilot projects to catalyse growth of electric scooters and electric cars. Goa, Karnataka, Uttrakhand, Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra want to step up such efforts. NDMC’ plan to install charging stations for EV’s at 65 locations in Delhi is welcomed by the EV industry. The move encourages customers to buy electric automobiles.

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