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Bajaj Pulsar 180 F review video – All details about the new Pulsar

Ever since the start of 2019, Bajaj Auto have been busy launching new and updated motorcycles. After launching Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180 and Pulsar 220 F with ABS, Bajaj has now launched Pulsar 180 F. Based on the Pulsar 220 F, this is the first time a new member has been added to the 220F family.

Similar in looks to the 220 F, 2019 Pulsar 180 F retains its old exhaust system, instead of getting the larger exhaust of 220 F. This will help the two bikes to be easily differentiated. Except for graphics, and the 180F logo, almost everything else has been borrowed from P220.

Image – Dino’s Vault

Surprisingly, Bajaj has not added ABS to the Pulsar 180 F, for now. Single channel ABS will be added before 1st April 2019, as is the new rule. For now, the new Bajaj Pulsar 180 F gets 260 mm front disc and 230 mm rear disc. These are the same disc sizes as seen on the P220F. Front and rear tyres, suspension setup is also same. 17 inch 5 spoke alloys, front is 90/90 section, rear is 120/80 section.

Front brake now gets a steel braided line, instead of the rubber, as seen on the Pulsar 180. This is a good value addition as it improves braking confidence by giving better feedback to the rider. During the brake test, Dino managed to do 68-0 kmph in 2 seconds. Other change is the change in how the bike sounds. New P180F sounds different than the regular P180. The P180F sounds more sporty, inspite of having the same exhaust setup. Watch the detailed Bajaj Pulsar 180 F review video by Dino’s Vault below.

What about the engine? Well, engine remains same as before. Single cylinder 178.6 cc mated to a 5 speed gearbox. This engine delivers 17.02 PS and 14.22 Nm. Engine refinement is same as before. Throttle response has been improved, clutch is more lighter. Gear shifts are easier and smoother. This has resulted in smooth and linear power delivery across the range. There are no vibrations, even when the bike is pushed all the way above 115 kmph.

Along with smoother engine, what also aids rider comfort, is the extra seat cushioning. Seats provide much better comfort than before. Pulsar 180 F gets the same 55W dual projector headlamp setup as seen in the P220F. This will improve light throw during night riding. Mileage is expected to be in the 40-45 kmpl range.

Priced at 86,500, the new 180F is just Rs 1,500 more expensive then the P180. But, the former misses out on ABS, while the latter features single channel ABS. Once ABS is added to the 180F, prices can be expected to be increased by about Rs 5k. Pulsar 220F price starts from Rs 1.05 lakhs.

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