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Tata Motors regains 4th spot from Honda, Toyota – Car sales Oct 2019

tata sales grow oct 2019

October 2019 saw car sales revive a bit, but not for all. At the top of the list continues to be Maruti Suzuki, with mammoth sales of 1.39 lakh cars. Compared to Oct 2018, this was an increase of 2.33%. Market share of Maruti Suzuki India for Oct 2019 stood at 48.9%.

Next on the list is Hyundai India, whose domestic sales stood at 50,010 units in Oct 2019. This is a marginal decline of 3.83% when compared to sales of 52,001 units registered in Oct 2018. Market share of Hyundai India stood at 17.58%.

Mahindra maintained its position on the 3rd sport with sales of 18,460 units in the passenger vehicle segment. Compared to Oct 2018 sales, this is a decline of 23.29%. Market share of Mahindra stood at 6.49% for Oct 2019.

Car sales Oct 2019
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On the 4th spot is Tata Motors. After slipping to the 6th spot behind Honda and Toyota in the Aug and Sep 2019 months, Tata is back on the 4th spot as their car sales improve. Compared to Aug and Sep 2019 sales, when the company posted about 7k and 8k units respectively, sales in Oct 2019 climbed to 13,169 units. Though this is still a 28% decline when compared to sales in Oct 2018.

Kia Motors has snatched the 5th spot in style, all thanks to their Seltos SUV. With only 1 product on offer, Kia Motors is fast climbing the ranks table in Indian auto industry. For Oct 2019, Kia Seltos sales stood at 12,850 units, with a market share of 4.52%. With Kia climbing to 5th, brands like Honda, Toyota, Renault, Ford, Volkswagen, who have been operating in India since decades; have fallen behind in the list.

On the 6th spot is Toyota, with sales of 11,866 units, declining 4.17%. 7th spot belongs to Renault, which has posted huge 62% increase in sales – thanks to the launch of new Kwid facelift. Honda Cars India has slipped to the 8th spot, with sales on a decline. Honda sold 10,010 cars in Oct 2019, down 29.44%.

On the 9th spot is Ford with 7,017 cars sold, down 22%. On the 10th spot is MG Motor India, who too continue to climb the ranks like Kia India. MG only has one car on sale in India, Hector SUV. Sales of Hector are best in segment, with 3,536 units sold in Oct 2019.

On the 11th spot is Volkswagen India with 3,213 units sold. Launch of new Polo and Vento facelift ahead of the festive season has helped the company increase sales marginally. Polo and Vento sales in Oct 2019 have increased by 19%, as against Oct 2018. On the 12th spot is Nissan + Datsun, who too have failed to registered growth. Sales for Oct 2019 stood at 1,581 units.

Skoda is on the 13th spot with 1,300 cars sold while Jeep is on the 14th spot with 854 cars sold. Almost all sales registered by Jeep in India are of Compass SUV. Total car sales for Oct 2019 stood at 2.84 lakh units, growing by 0.96%, when compared to Oct 2018.

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