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New-gen Honda City sales cross 2.5 lakh units in India

City has been a bestseller for Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL) over the years. 4th gen Honda City was launched in January 2014, and in 42 months, HCIL reports sales volume of 2.5 lakhs. For the company, this is the best sales performance across all generations of City sold in India.

Sales growth for the City premium midsized sedan segment is in tandem with overall positive sentiment in the automobile market that has seen more people buy cars in this decade than ever before. For Honda Cars India, the City has always been a vehicle that has helped boost company sales volume, and that confidence nad preference for the City continues unabated to date.

Honda City cumulative sales since launch in India is reported at 6.8 lakh units. The 1st Gen was sold from 1998-2003, and sales were reported at 59,378 units. The 2nd Gen City was in the running from 2003-2008, and raked in sales of 1,77,742 units. The 3rd Gen City was available from 2008-2013, and 1,92,939 units were sold. The current 4th Gen City has been in the market for the shortest period in comparison to its predecessors (Jan 2014 – June 2017), and sales are reported at 2,50,274 units. No doubt, it continues to dart forward as the company’s best-selling City ever. Early next year will mark 20 years of Honda City in India, and it triumphs as a segment leader.

The 4th Gen City is not only a volume model but has significantly swayed customer preference in regard to transmission choice. With the car, came the all-new i-DTEC diesel engine, and new-gen CVT transmission technology. Buying patterns reveal more than 30% buyers preferred the fuel-efficient CVT variant, while 70% buyers chose MT. 61% owners bought petrol variants over 39% buyers who opted for diesel trims.

Globally, the Indian auto market is the single most important market for Honda City, and accounts for over 25% of current gen City sales of which, a million units have been sold to date. Worldwide, cumulative Honda City sales, across generations from over 60 countries, is reported at over 3.5 million units. Yoichiro Ueno, President & CEO, Honda Cars India says Honda City is an important pillar for HCIL’s business, and success, in India. 4th Gen City meets customer aspirations for a premium premium midsized sedan segment with best technologies. 4th gen Honda City is manufactured at the Tapukara plant in Rajasthan.

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