New Honda City stuck in sludge rescued by tractor – Video

The accompanying video shows off the power and might of a tractor as it pulls a Honda City out of the bog.

It was somewhere in the fields in Punjab that the farmer was toiling on his fields and ploughing his land ahead of the sowing season. An adventurous Honda City driver was speeding on the road near the land.

The driver soon lost control and ended up in the field which was filled with mud sludge. Now being a sedan, with Front Wheel Drive, it was not going to be easy for the car to get out of this tricky situation on its own.

The driver tries to get the car out, but it was impossible to get the car out without any external help. The car is seen in the video stuck in the bog. The farmer, who was seeing all this, quickly came to its aid and also called for help from other farmers nearby.

After some thinking, and resourcing for a rope, the team of farmers got down to business. The video below shows the power of a farm tractor which was able to pull the Honda City clear out of the bog after it was attached to the tractor.

Video shows the tractor driver along with three other men and the man at the steering wheel of the Honda City safely pulling the car on to drier land.

Speaking about the tractor in the video, it is a Sonalika Tractor. With its manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, Sonalika Tractors have been seeing increased sales. Sales in June 2018 increased 32.3% to 12,286 unit, up from 9,286 units sold in the same month of the previous year. The company looks ahead to more positive growth in the months ahead specially with a favorable monsoon being predicted across India which would drive up demand for tractors.