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New Hyundai Santa Fe with fingerprint technology to unlock, start car

There is a high chance that your fingerprint has been unlocking your smartphone since last 2-3 years. Little you would have had expected that in 2019 your fingerprints will start unlocking your cars as well!

Hyundai has worked upon a new Fingerprint technology which will allows users to use their fingerprints to unlock their cars. With this development, Hyundai will become the first OEM to deploy such a technology in a production car.

The upcoming 2019 Santa Fe will be the first car in which the South Korean manufacturer will be introducing the Smart Fingerprint technology. The sensor on doors will allow the car to recognize the user and allow access if the fingerprints match the required criteria. Later, once seated inside, the driver can just touch the Ignition button and the systems will check for an authentication. Once approved, the car will turn On. Typical Sci-Fi stuff? Isn’t it?

Well, there is more; Hyundai plans to further personalize the overall user experience. The car will save different fingerprints of different users and create customized profiles for each user. This means, once an user enters the car, the driver seat’s position, HVAC settings, side-view mirror’s position, steering wheel’s position etc. will align as per the driver’s profile.

In case you are concerned about safety, Hyundai claims that this technology is five times more effective than conventional keys, including smart keys. The sensors are reportedly very smart as they will be able to identify variation in level of electricity across fingertips and hence prevent forgeries and use of fake fingerprints. Additionally, the system will be learning and improving real-time through dynamic updates.

The 2019 Santa Fe will be the first one to get the new technology. However, the technology will be brought to different markets in a phased manner. Do you think Hyundai shall introduce it in India as well?

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