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Suzuki to launch 20 new cars by 2020; Maruti R&D to be ramped up

Suzuki Motor Corporation has released its mid-term plan according to which, it looks to sell as many as 3.4 million units per annum by 2020. Maruti Suzuki would be given the highest responsibility of making it happen.

New Suzuki cars would primarily target India and other Asian markets (Image: IK-2 concept).

In a recent presentation to its investors, Suzuki revealed that it is expecting 64% of its sales to be contributed by Asia of which Maruti Suzuki would account for 58%. That roughly translates into 2 million annual sales by the Indian subsidiary. To offer a perspective, in FY15, Maruti contributed to 43% of Suzuki’s global sales.

Moving forward, the Japanese small car specialist will introduce 20 new products by the turn of decade including models with no prior lineage and next gen versions of existing nameplates. The company will have three primary platforms Mini, A and B which will be engineered in such a way to maximize modularity and component sharing between models. In terms of technology, Suzuki is looking to expand AMT and hybrid systems globally.

To achieve its target of 2 million annual sales by 2020, Maruti needs to step up its premium product portfolio and export operations.

What is Maruti Suzuki’s role in product development? The HQ wants its Indian unit to be a long term development base for products which are not only specific for domestic market but also for international markets like Asia and Africa. More Indian engineers will be kept in the loop for global product development. New R&D centre at Rhothak (Haryana), which has been facing hurdles, will play a significant role in developing future products.

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In order to achieve its target of 2 million annual sales, Maruti Suzuki needs to introduce new cars in the higher end of the segment and maintain its current market share of 45% notwithstanding the increasing competition.

Via – EconomicTimes.com

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