India contemplating separate two wheeler license for high-powered bikes

It’s high time that India introduces various measures and policies to curb the sheer number of accidents that take place in the country every year. Nearly 27% of reported road accidents in the nation involve two wheelers, making them the most vulnerable class of vehicles.

As of now, the Indian two wheeler license has two categories – with and without gears. Deccan Herald reports that India’s road transport ministry is planning to introduce a separate license for high-powered motorcycles with engine displacements above 500 cc – something comparable to the A1,A2 and A license categories in Europe.

Benelli TNT600i LE
An advanced two wheeler license for bikes above 500 cc would be a welcome change.

Now, any rider who holds a license for geared motorcycles can ride superbikes in India and this have led to catastrophic accidents on several occasions. A new advanced license category with higher eligibility criteria would prevent novice riders gaining access to motorcycles that are overwhelmingly potent.

Given that the performance motorcycle segment in India is growing at a healthy pace, a multi-stage licensing norm would force the riders to go through proper training before getting their hands on powerful two wheelers (assuming that the tests will be conducted strictly).

The new norm is likely to be implemented as a part of the next Motor Vehicle Act bill. The Action plan to reduce two wheeler accidents also involves making safety equipment like always-on headlamps and ABS compulsory in the near future.

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