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Tata Nexon Electric Subscription Plan Prices Cut by Rs 7k – Now At Rs 35k PM

Whether or not subscription plans take off in India is yet to be seen but for now more and more manufacturers are ensuring that such an option is being offered to consumers

Tata Motors had also announced subscription plans for Nexon Electric. This was first announced last month. Prices revealed that time, started from Rs 41,900 per month. Now, about a month later, Tata has revealed prices of subscription plan has been slashed by Rs 7,000.

Today, Tata has revealed a subscription offer on Nexon EV, at an all-inclusive fixed rental starting at only Rs. 34,900/- per month. This is a limited period offer, and is only valid till till 30th November 2020. The offer duration coincides with the ongoing festive season, and is quite limited in availability.

This isn’t unexpected since EV sales are right now low compared the the vehicle market size in India. The subscription offer can be availed by the first 100 subscribers only, and does away with commitments that are tied to traditional vehicle ownership, including road tax and registration, insurance renewals, servicing and maintenance.

Tata Nexon EV Sales Subscription

Pankaj Jhunja, Head- Mobility Services, Tata Motors said, “It is ideal for customers preferring ‘usership’ over ownership amidst the rapidly growing phenomenon of shared economy.” Tata Nexon limited-period subscription offer is available for a tenure of a minimum period of 12 months, to 24, and 36 months. The service is on offer in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

What is included

Available as part of a partnership with Orix Auto, the subscription package includes comprehensive insurance coverage, on-call 24×7 roadside assistance plus free maintenance with periodic servicing, and doorstep delivery. A complimentary personal EV charger will be offered for home or office installation.

Once subscription tenure concludes, customers can either extend subscription, or return the vehicle. The offer is customised, and suited for corporates inclined to lease, those with frequent inter-city job transfers, and expatriates in the country, who are here on fixed tenure, among others. A number of such jobs entail a company car, which would mean companies themselves would need to make a shift to EV procurement for their top employees for such offers to be successful.

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Designed to offer flexibility to customers who already know they would require a vehicle for a fixed period, it’s difficult to imagine other customers making a beeline for subscription offers. For the current financial year, Nexon EV sales has already reached the thousand mark. This includes an order of 150 units from EESL.

No doubt Tata Nexon EV is on top, but sales volume is noticeably small. A further boost in EV sales can be expected as and when state governments step in to build EV infrastructure and offer benefits for those who adapt. For now, the onus lies on those who are considered to be more environmentally conscious. The current subscription plan is designed to be smarter, affordable and convenient, and to make EVs even more accessible.

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