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Nexon or Brezza – Which sub 4m SUV to buy for peace of mind?

Nexon or Brezza - Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?
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Safety should be the primary decisive factor in car buying process, followed by powertrains, design, space, running costs and lastly, features

Prospect of a sub 4m SUV is a rather enticing one. Automakers have put a lot of soul and effort into this space. They look just as mean and macho as a compact SUV, but get tax benefits similar to other B-segment vehicles. Not all sub 4m SUVs get this benefit, though. Brezza doesn’t, as it comes with a petrol engine displacing more than 1.2L.

Speaking of Brezza, it is one of the highest sellers in its space. In April 2023, Maruti Suzuki sold 11,836 Brezzas in India and at the same time Tata Motors sold 15,002 Nexons. Now, prospective buyers are often confused between these two. Vivek Samadhiya is in the same dilemma and took to one of Rushlane Snaglane Facebook Group regarding the same.

Nexon or Brezza - Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?
Nexon or Brezza – Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?

He expressed that he intends to drive around 500 km a month and prioritise comfort and peace of mind. A lot of fellow group participants pointed towards Brezza, showing how popular Brezza is. Opinions vary based on a plethora of permutations, but we give you a general guide as to how you should choose your next sub 4m SUV.

1. Safety

This is paramount and should be at the top of your checklist. Vehicular safety is of two types. One is active systems that prevent an accident and second is passive systems that protect occupants during a collision. Since ADAS tech is still nonexistent in sub 4m space, active systems include ABS, EBD, traction control (TCS), stability control (ESP), rollover mitigation, and the likes.

Nexon or Brezza - Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?
Nexon or Brezza – Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?

Passive systems include three-point seatbelts, seatbelt reminders, pre-tensioners, load limiters, crashworthiness and airbags. NCAP agencies test vehicles thoroughly and rank them accordingly for one comparable safety rating. Currently, Mahindra XUV300 (5 star) tops in safety within sub 4m SUV space, followed by Tata Nexon (5 star), Renault Kiger (4 star) and Nissan Magnite (4 star). Previous Brezza, on which the current Brezza is based, had scored 4 star safety.

2. Powertrain

Petrol or diesel? Vivek Samadhiya hopes to clock around 500 km a month. So, petrol is more appropriate. For everyone else, one has to thoroughly research their use case and understand how they intend to use their new car. Generally, petrol engines are smoother and less efficient, while diesel engines are more crude, but fuel efficient. For fun-seekers turbo petrol seems the best bet.

Nexon or Brezza - Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?
Nexon or Brezza – Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?

Tata Nexon and Mahindra XUV300 offer both turbo petrol and turbo diesel, Hyundai Venue and Kia Sonet offer NA petrol, turbo petrol and diesel, Renault Kiger and Nissan Magnite offer NA petrol and turbo petrol. Whereas Brezza offer a sole NA petrol and is the only one to offer CNG variants.

3. Space

You must be wondering that a sub 4m SUV will definitely have more space to offer as they’re bigger. That is not always the case, though. Manufacturers choose to offer a wider track and cover it with flared wheel arches to lend a butch look. While interior space will remain similar to that of a hatchback. Spend time at dealerships and see the space for yourself. Also, boot space matters a lot even though one might think that it really doesn’t.

Nexon or Brezza - Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?
Nexon or Brezza – Which SUV to buy for peace of mind?

4. Maintenance costs, running costs and peace of mind

This is the toughest of all as one would be forced to trust what a manufacturer says at face value. Every manufacturer promises the least maintenance costs and the most peace of mind. Some manufacturers fare better in these regards than others. Read forums, interact with respective car owners to understand the reality. Seeing at the comments from the group members, it seems that betting on a Maruti would be best – for having peace of mind.

5. Features

This is a tricky one. Manufacturers tend to bundle unnecessary features as part of a trim level. Choosing the right trim is very important. Don’t fall for features that you don’t need, but want. For example, if you’re from a part of India where there is hardly any sun, go for a sunroof-equipped trim.

If not, you don’t really need a sunroof in sunny and dusty India and you definitely don’t need to pop out of one and get photographed. In reality, rear AC vents and ventilated seats make far more sense for the Indian audience. Again, prospective buyers have to understand their use cases and then make a choice. We would suggest our readers to follow the steps mentioned above in respective order to factor in your car buying decision.

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