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NIJ Electric Scooter Accelero+ Launch Price Rs 53k – Up To 190 Kms Range

There are currently four electric scooters on offer from NIJ Automotive – QV60, Flion, Accelero and recently launched Accelero+

NIJ Electric Scooter Accelero+
NIJ Electric Scooter Accelero+

Over the past few years, the electric two-wheeler segment has attracted a number of startups and tech companies. While competition has intensified, it has benefited end users in terms of available options and affordable pricing.

NIJ Automotive Accelero+

NIJ Automotive has launched its Accelero+ electric scooter. It looks distinctive with its dual LED headlamp, prominent LED DRLs and boomerang-styled LED indicators. Colour options include Imperial Red, Black Beauty, Pearl White and Grey Touch.

Accelero+ is functionally superior as well with features such as cruise control. This will come handy during long distance rides. The scooter is available in four battery configurations, which includes a lead-acid battery and 3 LFP battery packs. LFP battery options are 1.5 Kw (48V), 1.5 Kw (60V) and 3 Kw with 48V dual battery setup.

Accelero+ has three ride modes, with a max range of 190 km in Eco mode. This is available with the dual LFP battery pack. In City mode, range is 140 km. Based on the battery packs, Accelero and Accelero+ electric scooters are priced in the range of Rs 53,000 to Rs 98,000. Rs 53k for lead acid battery variant, Rs 69k for 1.5 kW variant and Rs 98k for 3 kW variant.

NIJ Electric Scooter Accelero+
NIJ Electric Scooter Accelero+

NIJ Automotive R14 electric scooter

One of the emerging players in this space is NIJ Automotive, which will be launching its fifth electric scooter later this year. To be named R14, the scooter is likely to be better in comparison to other EVs from NIJ Automotive. While exact details are not available at this point of time, R14 can be expected to be equipped with a high torque BLDC permanent magnet motor.

Other key features include LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) battery pack. Current range of NIJ EVs are already equipped with the LFP battery pack. LFP is a type of lithium-ion battery technology, which offers a range of advantages in comparison to other lithium-ion battery systems.

Some of the key benefits of LFP include lower pricing, longer cycle life, higher range and improved safety. Tesla also uses LFP batteries in some of its cars. With its new scooters, NIJ Automotive expects a boost in sales in coming months. In February, the company had sold a total of 430 electric scooters. In CY2021, sales were at 2,800 units.

NIJ Electric Scooter R14 Coming Soon Teaser
NIJ Electric Scooter R14 Coming Soon Teaser

R14 is expected to be better looking, as compared to other NIJ EVs. Some key features include a sporty front fascia with large headlamp and sharp turn signals. The scooter has a flat seat design, which should offer optimal comfort for both rider and pillion. The floorboard area seems large enough for carrying stuff such as groceries, luggage, etc.

Features that could be borrowed from existing NIJ scooters include anti-theft alarm system, IOT, reverse assist, digital speedometer and USB charging port. R14 is expected to have an affordable running cost, which is 15 paisa per kilometre for existing NIJ electric scooters.

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