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Nissan autnomous technology announced, calls it ProPILOT

New generation Nissan Serena is scheduled to go on sale in Japan from next month. Today, Nissan announced that the new Serena will also feature Nissan’s autonomous technology called ProPilot.

This makes Serena the first ever Nissan car in the world to feature an autonomous tech, and the first car in Japan to get such a feature.

Speaking about their state of the art autonomous tech, Nissan says that it is ‘designed for highway use in single-lane traffic.’ The technology will take care of accelerator, braking and steering wheel when in autonomous mode. This new tech will reduce driver workload considerably in heavy highway traffic and long commutes.

Nissan ProPilot employs state of the art image-processing technology which helps the system understand complex traffic situation in the real world. Activating and deactivating the system is very easy. All you have to do is turn it on / off using a switch on the steering wheel.

Once you activate Nissan ProPilot, the mono camera in the front starts to process the images in front in 3D with depth. This helps the car to maintain a steady distance between itself and the vehicle in the front. The autonomous system works in speeds ranging from 30 kmph to 100 kmph.

When the car in front stops, ProPilot will apply brakes in the same manner as the vehicle in front. If the car in front stops immediately, Nissan’s system will apply full brakes. If it decelerates slowly, ProPilot will make the car decelerate similarly. Same with acceleration.

This new tech will be seen onboard the 2017 Serena. Fifth generation Serena comes with reworked exterior. In Nissan’s words, Serena is built “to cater from the family man or woman to the thrill-seeking weekend warrior”.

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