Nissan Design China’s Friend-ME Concept at Auto Shanghai 2013 is for Post 80s

nissan friend me concpet at auto shanghai 2013According to Nissan, the China’s post 80s generation is the world’s largest single market segment, which consists of 240 million people. Friend-ME Concept is designed specially to gain the attention of this generation of people in China.

Nissan says that their new concept car offers the one’s inside, a private space along with a sense of shared adventure. The concept draws special attention due to its innovative new sporty design. It is seen with a low and wider stance. In a Neon Gray exterior paint, this vehicle is highly appealing to tech savvy Chinese youth and emerges in a new light especially at night.

Headlamps and rear lamps are in a unique boomerang shape. All four seats are separate and each done up in high tech style and offering enhanced comforts. All seats share the same information with the driver be it speed, navigation, availability of fuel etc. All passengers are also able to select their choice of music as controls are not exclusively in driver’s hands (see image gallery to understand).

This shared approach is extended to its infotainment system as well, giving all passengers the facility to share smartphone sourced content to on board screens. Carefully designed to appeal to socially focused young customers in China, Friend-ME is fitted with a 2.0 liter engine.

“Post 80s males are a huge cohort in the world’s largest market, and they’re now reaching their prime,” said François Bancon, Division General Manager of product strategy and advanced planning at Nissan. “Clearly, their tastes will shape automotive trends worldwide for decades to come. So we believe it’s important to listen with respect, and respond by putting dreams within their reach. That’s why Friend-Me is our first proposition in an ongoing dialogue.”