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Nissan Teatro for Dayz concept is for social media crazy youngsters

The Nissan Teatro for DayZ concept has been unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The company says that the youngsters nowadays have little interest in cars so far and it requires a special approach to get them hooked.

According to Nissan’s GM of production planning, Hidemi Sasaki, the generation which is getting its first driving licenses now has always been connected through social media, emails, digtal devices, etc., and in order for a vehicle to gain attention from them, it needs to incorporate all the functions of a connected digital device.

The dashboard, steering, seats and interior door panels are all made up of display units.

The Nissan Teatro for Dayz concept is once such automobile whose compact shape is expected to remind the youngsters of their pocket size mobile phones or tablets. Even its pure electric drivetrain is likened to the electronic gadgets that need recharging.

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Nissan has loaded the concept with displays both on the outside and inside. While driving (equivalent to flight mode on a digital device), only relevant information like speedometer and maps would be displaced but when the vehicle is parked, almost the entire interior (including the seats and dashboard) turns into a cluster of displays.

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These displays are configurable and let the occupants use them for various activities including social media. The LED displays on bumpers and doors allow the driver to express his mood by means of pixelated smileys and texts!

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