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No toll if there are more than 20 cars in queue at Hyderabad ORR

In what is a daily chagrin for those passing through toll plazas, the wait to pay and pass can be quite the irritant. For those using Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road toll plazas, one can look forward to improved efficiency because a new ruling says no toll fee is to be paid if more than 20 cars are in wait.

With the new ruling set to be a norm wef April 1, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority is also considering two new lanes each at Shamshabad and Nanakramguda toll plazas. This is owing to heavy vehicular traffic along Nanakramguda and Shamshabad ORR stretch. HGCL is making efforts to acquire lands along proposed corridors.

Wef April 1, the toll collecting agency (Eagle Infra Limited) along the 158-km long Outer Ring Road (ORR) will have to resort letting vehicles pass without toll collection if a lane has a queue of over 20 vehicles. Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited (HGCL), a wing of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has issued instructions to concerned parties.

Eagle Infra Limited has started collecting toll 19 interchange toll plazas -Pedda Amberpet, Medchal, Kokapet, Rajendranagar, Shamshabad, Edulnagulapally, Patancheru, Shamirpet, Ghatkesar, Keesara, TSPA, Nanakramguda, Pedda Golconda, Ravirayal, Tukkuguda, Taramatipeta, Sultanpur, Saragudem and Bonguluru from today, ie, March 1, 2019.

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Eagle Infra India Limited collection agency was selected for the job for having quoted highest bidding amount of Rs 24.29 crore per month. Previous toll collection agency, IRB infrastructures Limited were paying a remittance of Rs 87.03 lakh per day to HGCL.

Under the new contract, Eagle Infra India Limited will bear power consumption charges of about Rs 35 lakh per month, losses incurred owing to clearance of toll lanes upon reaching a number of 20 vehicles waiting in queue, provide housekeeping and security staff at 19 Toll Administrative Buildings, and bear expenses related to repair of facilities owing to mishandling, accidents, etc.

Monthly pass facility on ORR makes possible discounted fares. Use of RFID facility is being encouraged. RFID tags issued by ICICI Bank can be collected at designated locations upon submission of documents. RFID adaptation will reduce waiting time at toll plazas.

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