Indian sues Mercedes Benz dealer in the US for refusing to sell a car over Taliban fears

Surjeet Bassi, 50, an Indian national who lives in New Jersey has filed a legal complaint against Mercedes Benz dealership in the area.

Bassi wished to trade his Mercedes Benz ML350 in exchange for a Mercedes Benz GLS550 and suitable difference in price, a request which was turned down by the dealership. The dealership cited that since the customer lived in a high risk area, the deal was being refused while the manager also thought that the customer would sell the car to the Taliban.

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Bassi said that he told Prestige Mercedes Benz dealership that he was an Indian and had lived in the area for the past 30 years and had no links whatsoever to the Islamic fundamentalist and terrorist organization.

Even as Bassi has completed all formalities for the trade in, paid $1,000 deposit for the new Mercedes Benz GLS550 and had updated his insurance policy to suit the new vehicle, the manager held his ground. Bassi also agreed to sign a waiver to prevent export of the vehicle for a period of three years, but this was also not accepted by the manager of Prestige Motors.

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This left Bassi, who runs a medical transport company, with no other option than to file legal complaint against the dealership. Bassi’s counselor has accused the dealership for being racist and also of discrimination for refusing to extend credit under Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act. The company when contacted on the issue stated that it did not condone discriminatory practices but was unable to comment further as it was policy not to elaborate on pending legal matters.

via Times Herald

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