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Okinawa iPraise, Ridge Electric Scooters Get New Connected Feature

Okinawa is currently the leader in high-speed electric scooter segment in India

With the electric scooter market tiptoeing into the petrol scooter market instead of around it, e-scooter packages are getting smarter. Okinawa Eco app is designed for its intelligent and connected scooters, the iPraise and Ridge e-scooter range.

Okinawa Eco mobile app

Okinawa Eco mobile app is compatible with iPraise+ and Ridge+ e-scooters, and is available on android and iOS. App features offer an enhanced, tech enabled experience. Customers can access Google maps while riding, and satellite view to locate a scooter on the map. This takes care of find my scooter function with directions from phone location to scooter location.

The technology offering outlines vehicle security. Eco app can be used to immobilize the scooter with a single click scooter in case of theft. When parking in public space, a number of times the scooter can be moved without authority for multiple reasons. This could be to make space for more parking. Secure Park feature helps owners track unauthorized movement of their e-scooter.

Okinawa ECO App

Alongside security, the app features ‘SOS Messaging’. Using it sends a message instantly with the time and location to users’ emergency contacts. Rider data too can be accessed. One can setup speeding, towing, curfew or battery low alerts. ‘Geofence’ feature notifies a user when the vehicle enters or leaves a geo-fence radius.

Driver score feature formulates tangible data around driving pattern, including speeding, hard braking, harsh acceleration and turns events. The connected vehicle offering is no longer an exception but a norm for vehicle users, and Okinawa will now offer customers connected conveniences. Designed to give riders more control on riding habits, security concerns, and safety, Eco app adaption will be an easy one.

“The new Eco mobile application is our effort to showcase that how technology today has brought EVs at par with ICE counterparts in terms of convenience,” said Mr. Jeetender Sharma- MD and Founder, Okinawa.

Okinawa sales FY20, FY21

For now, electric scooters available in the market are growing, and offer a much wider choice than electric motorcycles. Okinawa offers a range of scooters and no motorcycles. While FY21 has been saddled with limitations of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the previous fiscal was a good opportunity for the brand to triumph. Sales crossed the 10k mark.

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Following up on its leadership position, Okinawa is targeting 40k units in sales for the current fiscal. This, despite market disruption and no sales at the start of the fiscal owing to pandemic lockdown.

Following a two prong product strategy, Okinawa sells high speed lithium ion scooters, and low speed scooters. The latter requires no licence for users owing to its 25 kmph top speed limitation. The ongoing festive season has traditionally proven to be a period of high sales for the automotive market, and it would be interesting to see how much of a sales boost Okinawa benefits from.

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