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Ola Cabs call volume at 41%, Uber at 16%, reveals Truecaller

If you have ever wondered who of the two (Ola or Uber) is bigger, a new report from Truecaller might be helpful. A global company, Truecaller user base in India crossed 100 million last year in October. How their software / app works, is that it has access to your phone contacts, through which they get to know which number belongs to who form your phone.

Their smart app has now created an internet directory of phone numbers which flashes the caller’s ID even though that number who is calling you is not in your contact. Thus helping people block calls, avoid spam or unwanted calls without a fuss.

Truecaller’s new report focuses on the calls made to app-based and radio taxi operators in India. Thanks to their directory, they were able to calculate exactly how many calls were made to the operators by the customer, and vice versa.

As per their report, during the period 1st January, 2016 to 17th April, 2016; Ola Cabs made 42.5 million calls to its users while 59.5 million calls were made by users to them. Thus accounting for 102 million calls between Ola and its users. On the other hand, rival company Uber made 13.6 million calls to users and received 25.4 million calls from users, taking total to 39 million calls.

This means that distribution of calls between Ola and Uber stands at 72% and 28%, respectively. Though these statistics does not imply the exact amount of business done by them, but it does indicate as to who has a larger market here in India.

Uber and Ola’s rivalry was triggered off in March, when Eric Alexander, President of Business in Asia for Uber declared that Uber would scale ahead of Ola in India within a month. Ola, on the other hand, contended that the launch of Ola’s Micro category alone was well ahead of the Uber fleet.

While there was no way these two statements could be authenticated, Trucaller conducted research and assessed around 2.5 billion calls between taxi aggregators and service providers, with reports that put Ola head and shoulders over arch rivals Uber.

Taking competition to another level is the fact that Ola offers services in 102 Indian cities while it employs 4,50,000 drivers on its platform. Uber offers its services in just 26 cities in India with 2,50,000 drivers on its platform. Below is the Truecaller’s full report.


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