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Delhi Girl catches Ola Cab driver filming her inside the car

Priyanka Gusani was travelling in an Ola Cab to Chanakyapuri in Delhi at 12.43 pm when she noticed that she was being secretly recorded by the driver. Gusani has taken to Facebook to tell people of what she was put through and also to spread awareness of the dangers that may befall lady travelers in a cab in Delhi.

The story not only draws attention to the dangers of travelling in Delhi which could be cited as one of the worst cities for women to live in but also draws attention to police apathy in recording statements of this young woman when she came to them for help.

Cab driver Abhilash Singh, CRN No. 299860428 was secretly videotaping the movements of Gusain as she traveled in the backseat of an Ola cab on Sunday afternoon. While she was busy on her laptop and made a number of business calls, she got a gut feeling that something was not right. The fact that the drivers phone with its front camera on, positioned on the dashboard of the cab was proof of the fact that she was being videographed. The driver was also continuously staring at Gusain in the rear view mirror while she also noted something amiss about his body posture.

Gusain asked the driver to pull over after which she managed to confiscate his phone. On inspection, she noted that every movement of hers was recorded and every word she had uttered during her phone conversations was clearly audible.

She then made a call to 100 for police and lodged an FIR against the driver. The driver has been put behind bars but will soon be out on bail as it is a bailable offence. A complaint lodged with Ola Cabs on the other hand only resulted in an apology for bad behavior of the driver.

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