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New Ola Electric Car Interior Teased – Touchscreen, Steering Wheel

From the horizontal LED bar to the vertical aerodynamic winglets, upcoming Ola car gets it all in a similar fashion as Lucid Air

New Ola Electric Car
New Ola Electric Car

Ola Electric is set on an ambitious pursuit to establish itself as the de facto EV maker. When we say EV maker, we mean EVs in general and irrespective of how many wheels it comes with. Ola tops the charts when it comes to 2W EV retail sales in September 2022. Will Ola be able to pull off the same feat in 4W EV segment? Only time will tell.

As of now, EV 4W segment is dominated by Tata Motors with its Nexon EV and Tigor EV. With the launch of Tiago EV, Tata Motors is likely to tighten its grip on this segment for a long time. At the price it is launching, Tiago EV even poses as a viable alternative for gasoline-powered cars as found in our in-depth analysis.

Upcoming Ola Car Interior Teased

Ola Electric is steering away from the part of 4W EV segment where Tata is currently dwelling and is soon to be joined by Mahindra with its XUV400. Instead, Ola will try its hand at a more premium space. Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal promises the sportiest car ever built in India. Upcoming Ola car interior has now been teased. Let’s take a look.

One look at upcoming Ola car interior and it is immediately evident that Ola is going for a minimalist vibe. Most EV makers adopt this trend to make their products look futuristic. This is also an attempt to establish a certain distinction from the cars of today. I like the look of it, but the functionality, not so much.

Buttons and knobs trump minimalism any day of the year as found in a study. In keeping with current trends, Ola has stuck to it. Steering wheel is not exactly a wheel. In this sense, it is not exactly round. That being said, I would much prefer this over the vastly unconventional steering yoke that Tesla’s Plaid Editions get.

It has a 9 to 3 positioning steering layout. On either side, we get panels with touch-sensitive controls that remind me of my Blackberry and vertical rockers as well. In the middle, we have a horn pad that houses driver’s airbag and has Ola badging on it. This Ola branding is not illuminated unlike the ones found on upcoming BE series from Mahindra.

Dashboard layout is briefly teased which gets a horizontally laid out touchscreen infotainment screen. It is in line with the rectangular-ish steering wheel. Looks aesthetically pleasing, but doesn’t fall into the driver’s peripheral vision. A free-standing unit placed on top of the dash would be much more practical.

New Ola Electric Car
New Ola Electric Car

Exterior Design

Ola seems to have taken a lot of inspiration from Tesla Model S rivaling Lucid Air. From the horizontal LED bar, to the vertical aerodynamic winglets, upcoming Ola car gets it all in a similar fashion. On top of this LED bar, we have LED headlights that are integrated into a sleek unit. We have only been teased with digital renderings. A physical prototype model is likely to be displayed at 2023 Auto Expo.

This particular teaser doesn’t divulge much info. However, our rendering artist Pratyush Raut has penned down his take on Ola’s upcoming car and is based on Ola’s past teasers. It will be a coupe-like sedan with a lot of headline figures. Batteries and designing are done in-house and all of this is a culmination of an ambitious project that Ola has put itself into.

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