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One Electric motorcycle Kridn debuts – Launch in March 2020

One electric motorcycle kridn

Noida based electric motorcycle makers, One Electric today revealed their first electric motorcycle called KRIDN.

One Electric is road ready with its high-speed Kridn electric motorcycle. The project has been in development for 2 years now. Doesn’t appear to be as long as planning processes that traditional manufacturers resort to.

This quick turnaround time could play a crucial role in ensuring a timely launch, and timely updates to keep a product of this nature relevant. This is all the more necessary as the face of the automobile industry begins to change in a noticeable fashion.

One electric motorcycle kridn

One Electric says the Kridn motorcycle is designed and manufactured to specifically meet demanding Indian road conditions. The company has partnered with leading component manufacturer. This is true for tyres, suspension, and lighting system.

The use of tried and tested processes that go into manufacturing top notch components is essential to ensure Kridn’s ride quality, functionality and durability isn’t compromised. One Electric says Kridn is comparable to any 125cc bike Indian road, and can attain top speed of 90 kmph. Aimed at the city commuter, it’s designed to offer a comfy ride. On a single charge, full range is certified at 120 kms per charge.

Kridn’s heavy duty chassis is locally developed and manufactured to match the company’s electric drive train requirements. Furthermore, it’s designed to sustain through road conditions in the long run. Battery, motor and controller are capable of delivering good performance. And the range on offer is thought to be ample for daily city commute.

Alongwith chassis, fuel tank and seat have been designed in-house. At the moment, the motorcycle design is patent pending. One Electric is based in Noida, Delhi NCR. The company will launch Kridn in Delhi NCR by March 2020. This will be followed by subsequent launches in Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Further details and specs will be released by the company on a latter date.

In case, the name sounds unheard of, it’s not as random as it looks. One Electric says it means ‘to play’ in Sanskrit. And if it helps, it’s pronounced as ‘Kree – Done’.

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