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OnePlus Electric Cycles, Scooters, Autonomous Cars – Trademarked In India

OnePlus electric scooter
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The application filed by OnePlus mentions the name ‘Oneplus life’ which could be the name for their upcoming brand for automotive products in India

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution has opened doors for industries worldwide. Various brands from different fields of business either have ventured or are looking to venture into the electric mobility space in the near future. The most recent example is smartphone brand Realme which has filled trademarks in the automotive category in India.

Following the footsteps of Realme, another Chinese technology giant is planning to enter the automotive industry. One of the most popular and sought-after premium smartphone brands across the globe, OnePlus, has filed trademarks in the automotive category in India. Interestingly, both Chinese brands Realme and OnePlus have the same parent company – BBK Electronics.

OnePlus Warp Car

That said, OnePlus has been looking to dive into the automotive world and development work has been carried out for a long time now. Back in 2019, the company teased an electric supercar named Warp Car on its website. As it was shared on 1st April, most of us brushed it aside as a prank by the smartphone giant. But what if it was not a joke and OnePlus has been readying a car.

Their car features some mind-boggling specifications. The most interesting feature of the Warp Car is that it doesn’t get a steering wheel and instead it could be manoeuvred using a smartphone.

Oneplus registers itself in the automotive category in India. Image credit Gadgetsdata
Oneplus registers itself in the automotive category in India. Image credit Gadgetsdata

The company says the electric car can be steered by using swipe gestures similar to the ones used on a OnePlus smartphone. The gestures are fairly simple- swipe left to turn left, swipe right to turn right, swipe up to go forward, and swipe down to reverse.

The Warp Car has been integrated with 6T-K Technology which should mean that one could operate and control the vehicle using at least a OnePlus 6T phone. While powertrain specs haven’t been revealed, OnePlus claims an exuberant performance of 0-60mph in just 3.0 seconds. It also claims an impressive range of 290 miles (approx. 467km) on a single charge.

Further, on charging the car for 20 minutes the car could be prepped up for nearly 270 miles (approx. 435km). Inside, the Warp Car would be laced with a modern cabin and a driver-focused cockpit with tinted carbon fiber accents and Morandi Gray leather trim. Although details at the moment are very sparse and it isn’t very clear if OnePlus is actually taking this project seriously.

Electric Two-wheeler for OnePlus in India

In India, however, we believe that OnePlus would look to enter the EV space with a two-wheeler which will be a safer bet than an autonomous supercar with autonomous technology. Again details are too thin to make accurate speculations and there haven’t been any official words from the Chinese brand.

Other than OnePlus and Realme, technology giants such as Apple and Sony are developing their respective electric autonomous cars. However, feasibility of such models in the real world has always been questioned.

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