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Para-Cyclist cycling from Leh to Kanyakumari inspires thousands

Hailing from a humble background in Nalgonda, Telangana, 24th December 2006 changed Shekhar Goud’s life forever. He fell off the roof of his house but clutched onto an electric wire on his way down.

He woke up after 9 hours, in a mortuary. Yes, he was declared dead by doctors. When he came out of the mortuary, everyone at the hospital was shocked. Sadly, the delay in giving treatment resulted in him losing two limbs. His family did everything possible, sold farm land, and paid INR 12 lakh in hospital fees.

Shekhar challenged death, underwent trauma, tragedy and turmoil besides a total of 15 surgeries but doctors could not save his right arm and left leg which had to be amputated along with the toes of his right foot.

Not bogged down by his disabilities, Shekhar emerged even stronger after this accident displaying superb strength of body and mind. In 2013, he ran a 5 kms Airtel marathon following which he was sponsored by Dakshin Rehabilitation Center of Hyderabad for prosthetics which included a walking leg and running blade. To date Shekhar has taken part in 11 marathons and a host of cycling races which also includes a 200 kms brevet cycling event in which he completed 169 kms in 16 hours.

It was Shekhar’s dream to complete a Leh to Kanyakumari. The Atlanta Foundation-sponsored Republic Ride 2017 has seen the para-cyclist undertake the grilling journey which he commenced on October 25. Shekhar has battled cold winds and freezing weather conditions besides the most challenging of terrains with altitudes going upto 18,000 ft, but is confident of completing his tour all the way upto Kanyakumari in early December.

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When he is not pursuing active sports, Shekhar works as a CCTV in-charge at Lemon Tree Hotels in Hyderabad. He monitors the functions of the camera and leads an independent life while at the same time follows his dreams and hopes of one day being a part of the badminton team in the 2020 Para-Olympics to represent his country.

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