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Prove ownership of parking space to buy new cars or bikes

Venkaiah Naidu, Union Urban Development Minister has stated that a law could soon be passed wherein no car or two wheeler can be registered without proof of parking space.

In a bid to decongest roads, the Government of India could introduce a regulation that registration of all new cars and two wheelers will be completed only after furnishing proof of adequate parking space available to the owner. The Government is keen to push this proposal across all states even as no final decision to the effect has been taken as on date.

Though the Minister has stated that he is not keen on putting such riders for vehicle registration, the proposal comes in view of all major roads in metros and Tier I and Tier II cities having to deal with parking space crunch. Decongesting of roads is also the Government’s prime focus and Naidu is slated to be in talks with the Road Transport Ministry to make amendments in the law which could soon find its way in the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill.

However, while this regulation is being sought, there are certain challenges to be contended with. Registration of vehicles falls under the ambit of the State Transport Departments while parking in cities is under the jurisdiction of municipal bodies.

The lack of alternate means of public transport is the one cause for a growing number of private two and four wheelers in the country. The solution lies in the Government stepping in to make suitable changes in this aspect with improved public transport systems while deterrents could also include a steep rise in parking charges and hefty levies for use of private vehicles in congested areas.

While these could be considered authoritarian, they are prevalent in many countries across the globe to discourage use of private vehicles in metropolitan cities. However, introduction of these regulations in a country like India, which lacks an efficient public transport system and has to contend with an ever growing population, could prove difficult.

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