Not car drivers, but passengers more vulnerable in accidents – Study

A study which analysed 3,750 samples of road accident victims who were brought to JPN Apex Trauma Centre of AIIMS Delhi for treatment last year shows that the riders (the one who operates the vehicle to be more specific) of two wheelers and the passengers of cars are at higher risk of losing their lives.

The data showed that the mortality rate of two wheeler victims was 8.4% and for occupants of cars, it was 8.3%. When it comes to fatality involving two wheelers, 71% of the victims were the ones who were driving the vehicle, while in cars, 70% of the dead were passengers. These data were presented by Dr. Amit Gupta, trauma surgery and critical care department, AIIMS, at the recent road safety conference conducted by Institute of Road Traffic Education.

400 deaths a day in India due to road accidents during 2015
70% of fatalities involving four-wheelers are accounted for by passengers.

Another study conducted by King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, revealed that only 15.4% of incoming two wheeler crash patients wore helmets and only 14.3% of car crash victims used seat belts at the time of the mishaps.

Another alarming stat is that 16.9% of the victims didn’t have driving licenses. Over-speeding, alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation were reported at 14.2%, 8.6% and 0.7% respectively.

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King George’s Medical University says that only 15.4% of incoming two wheeler crash patients wore helmets.

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These studies clearly show that most of the road accidents and related fatalities can be avoided if the road users exercise caution and abide by the rules. Safer vehicles are of course absolutely necessary but the real need of the hour in India is better on-road discipline by motorists.

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