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Is your petrol pump dealer providing these services? If not, you can complain

Petrol pumps of the public sector Oil Marketing Companies have to offer a host of services and amenities free of cost to users. Special Petrol Pump Guidelines to this effect have been enumerated by the Oil Marketing Companies which also include penalties to be levied on petrol pumps that do not adhere to these stringent regulations.

Toilets on the premises should be well maintained, clean and water should be available at all times. Flush system should be working while latch on toilet doors should be installed. It is also mandatory that there are distinctive signages for toilets while proper cleanliness regimen is maintained.

Petrol pump dealers will now have to provide the following services and amenities:

– Correct quantity of fuel at correct prices
– Provision of Air Facility to customers during operating hours
– Prompt and courteous behavior of stall at all times
– Provision of a complaint/suggestion book which should be offered to customers on demand
– Prominent display of working hours and holidays to be displayed well ahead of time
– Clean toilets on premises
– Provision of telephone facility on premises
– Name and contact number of dealer and name and contact number of Oil Company to be prominently displayed
– Customer Service Cell messages and posters on Customer Education to be displayed
– Provision of First Aid Box with necessary medicines and first aid kit
– Provision of good illumination throughout the outlet and adherence to housekeeping standards as indicated by Oil Companies
– Provision of safety equipment which should be on hand and in perfect working condition while dealers / staff should be trained in its operation

Failure of petrol pump dealers to comply with regulations with regard to overcharging or supplying correct quantity of fuel will attract suspension of sales and supplies for a period of 15 days for the first violation while on second such attempt, sales and supplies will be suspended for 30 days. A third violation could lead to termination of the dealership.

If toilets are found to be unclean, fines will be levied while noncompliance to other rules and regulations will also invite hefty fines or suspension of sales.

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