Anand Mahindra hints at Pininfarina electric sportscar

News about the possibility of a Pininfarina electric sportscar with Mahindra’s powertrain is already in the rounds. Adding gravity to these reports, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Indian conglomerate, dropped a heavy hint on the sidelines of the recently concluded London Formula E race.

Speaking to AutoExpress, the head honcho stated that among Pininfarina’s aspirations under Mahindra’s ownership is not simply to design for other brands but to design its own car, which is something the design house has never done until now.

Pininfarina H2 Concept 2016 Geneva LIVE
The Pininfarina H2 Speed hydrogen concept could serve as a design precursor to the upcoming electric sportscar.

Pininfarina showcased the H2 Speed hydrogen-powered concept car at this year’s Geneva Motor Show which could serve as a harbinger to the electric production model. Mahindra’s expertise in electric powertrain comes from the Reva EV division as well as the Mahindra Racing Formula E team.

The upcoming Pininfarina electric sportscar is expected to carry Mahindra as secondary branding. The model would be a demonstration of the wide range of services that Pininfarina could offer to its clients by tapping into the resources of its parent company. Now, the Italian firm is not just a design studio but can offer full-fledged engineering solutions as well.

Pininfarina H2 Concept 2016 Geneva LIVE
The new car will portray Pininfarina as more than just a design studio.

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Further details about the Indo-Italian sportscar are scarce as of now. The car in question may take 2-3 years to become a reality.


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