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Point penalty system launched – 12 points and your driving license is cancelled

Failure to comply with each of these 12 points of traffic regulations will find driver’s license cancelled. Already implemented in Hyderabad, with 1,000 traffic violators booked since its implementation, this system of streamlining and penalizing traffic offenders is expected to go nationwide.

The Government of Telangana has issued a G.O.Ms No.26 under which a system of 12 points of traffic offences has been listed. The system will work in addition to regular fines that traffic offenders will have to pay alongside being docked for specific points for each traffic offence.

Riding without a helmet or carrying extra passengers will see the rider lose a point each. No insurance of the vehicle will see loss of 2 points while drunk driving will see the rider lose 4 points. With this tally reaching the 12 point mark, the driver stands to lose his license for a year. The second time the tally reaches the 12 point mark, the license is suspended for 2 years while on a third time occurrence, the license is suspended for 3 years.

With this riders/drivers holding learner’s license, the penalty is even more stringent and learner’s license will be cancelled once traffic violations amount to 5 points. The penalty for continuing to ride/drive once the license is suspended will see the offender go to jail for a period of 3 months while vehicle will be seized and charge sheet filed.

Cops too are fined under the system.

This initiative is being taken to deter riders/drivers from breaking traffic rules and to punish repeated offenders. It is hoped that this new system introduced on 31st July 2017 in Hyderabad, will spread across the country and help to inculcate self discipline among riders and transform the roads to be a safer place to commute.

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