Polaris Off-Roader 2015 Round 2 in Pune this Sunday

Polaris Off Roader 2015 reality show connects with adventurous Indian youth and promotes off-roading culture in India. Polaris Off Roader 2015 has four ground events in different terrains. Winners from three regional rounds of Pune, Chennai and Delhi will compete in the Grand Finale in Delhi NCR.

Polaris Off-Roader 2015
Polaris Off-Roader 2015

Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India is encouraged by the tremendous response to Polaris Off Roader 2015. Four winners from Chennai, were selected after Round i at the beach. Pune round makes the most the landscape of Lavasa. Off road participants in and around Pune will compete to win. Contestants are being judged on physical fitness, ATV riding skills and ATV maneuvering capabilities. Through the platform, Polaris India can showcase capabilities of its off-road vehicles while ensuring real time experience for enthusiasts.

Polaris Off-Roader 2015 Chennai
Polaris Off-Roader 2015, Round 1 in Chennai

Of 24 participants in Pune, 4 will be selected as winners of regional Round 2. At its conclusion, Polaris Off Roader 2015 will have selected the first 8 participants for the finals. 12 finalists will compete to win the challenge and a RZR S 800. Contestants traverse 3 different terrains in 3 different cities around India. Last regional round along with grand finale will be held in Delhi.

Polaris Off Roader 2015 first regional round was held in Chennai on 21st March, 2015 at Off Road Sports, 168/17 Pattipulam on ECR, East Coast road, Chennai. Of 24 participants, 4 contestants- Kabir Waraich, Sai Sandeep, Ashraf Hanif and Ayub Khan qualified for the final round to be held at the Delhi NCR.

Chennai Polaris Off-Roader 2015
Regional Round 1 in Chennai for Polaris Off-Roader 2015