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Pravaig Extinction Electric Car Spied On Public Road – Interiors Revealed

Pravaig electric car spied
Pravaig Electric Car

For a vehicle that is slated to enter series production next year, the Prvaig Extinction has quite a long distance to cover in terms of development

If you have been keeping a close tab on the fast-evolving e-mobility startup scene in India, you probably must have heard about Pravaig Dynamics and its ambitious plans to make a premium electric sedan that rivals Tesla in terms of technology and performance, and Mercedes S-Class in terms of luxury.

However, the recently unveiled prototype of the company’s first model, Pravaig Extinction MK1, seems to be quite a distance away from fulfilling the company’s tall claims.

Pravaig Electric Car Exteriors
Pravaig Electric Car Exteriors

Pravaig Extinction MK1 spotted in Delhi

Automotive enthusiasts from Delhi (Pragun Dua, exoticcarsdelhi and ncrspottings) have spotted the Pravaig Extinction MK1 being driven on public roads. The short video shows the prototype being driven at a slow speed of around 20 kmph. Well, the fact that it is driveable is a good start!

The prototype has a quirky design which is neither elegant or sporty but the company has said the design is still evolving and the final version would be a 4-door sedan with a sleek profile. So, we will reserve our judgement until the market-ready version is unveiled before it enters production in November 2021.

Tall claims on specifications and safety

During the official presentation of the Extinction MK1, Pravaig Dynamics made some really strong claims which we hope will be followed through. For starers, the production version of Pravaig Extinction is claimed to have a range of 504 km from its 96 kWh detachable lithium-ion battery pack. The electric motor is rated at around 200 hp and the company says that the electric sedan can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 5.4 seconds enroute to a top-speed of 196 kmph.

Pravaig Electric Car Interiors
Pravaig Electric Car Interiors – Steering wheel

That is not all. The Pravaig Extinction is claimed to offer 5-star levels of safety although, for now, it only remains as an unproven declaration. While the company says the final product will incorporate 8 airbags, the absolutely barebones cockpit of the MK1 prototype did not have even one.

Pravaig Electric Car Interiors
Pravaig Electric Car Interiors – Instrument cluster and Infotainment system

The basic interior features a flat metallic center console that has elevator buttons for drive mode selection and several unknown roof-mounted controls. Pravaig has stated that the car will be offered with bespoke interior which can be designed by the customer in collaboration with renowned architects and designers. The rear left passenger seat can be reclined to offer 165-degree seating posture.

Unrealistic target and timeline

To be honest, given the current state of the prototype, we are skeptical that the company will be able to meet its promises on luxury, safety and technology fronts while sticking to its launch timeframe. Oh, did we mention that Pravaig’s upcoming product will also incorporate some self-driving functions?

Pravaig Electric Car Interiors
Pravaig Electric Car Interiors – Gear selector

Engineering a tech-laden electric car that delivers the level of performance and safety that Pravaig claims would take full-fledged multidisciplinary teams with extensive experience and world-class skill sets.

Moreover, testing, validation and homologation alone will take a several months with a decent sized fleet of prototypes. Can the company put its money where the mouth is? Well, we will know in under a year from now.

Pravaig Electric Car Interiors
Pravaig Electric Car Interiors – Roof mounted buttons
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