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Driver creates plastic wall in Taxi – Protection from Corona Virus

In order to prevent himself from getting infected with corona virus, cab driver has implemented this

It’s said that life’s challenges can bring out the best in people. We have heard quite a few of such stories in recent times, as humanity appears to have come together to fight the deadly corona virus. In the latest reported incident, a Lyft cab driver found an ingenious hack to protect himself from coronavirus. The cabbie’s radical idea has now sparked a massive debate on social media, with voices being heard from both supporters and critics.

What the cabbie has done is create a barrier between the front section and passenger section of the car. He used a large sheet of transparent plastic and taped it across the mid-section of the car. The ends of the plastic sheet have been firmly taped to the roof, doors, windows, and floor, which seems to have created an effective barrier against the spread of coronavirus.

The cabbie’s unique idea has gone viral after Lyft rider Phil Ring shared his experience on Instagram. In his post, Phil says that he was amazed to see such an ingenious and cost effective way to protect oneself from coronavirus. He also praised the cabbie for doing his bit to protect himself and his passengers from the virus. As seen in the video, the plastic sheet does not seem to be creating any problems for either the driver or passenger. A box of tissue can also be seen kept next to the car’s armrest. This cabbie is apparently taking no chances when it comes to fighting coronavirus.

Like with all viral posts, this story has also divided the social community. While many people are supporting the driver’s ingenious hack, there are others who are not so convinced if the idea really works. However, if we consider the fact that coronavirus primarily spreads through respiratory droplets produced during coughing or sneezing, the cabbie’s idea does seem to provide a first line of defence against the virus.

But the same may not be true for passengers, who may actually catch an infection from potential deposits on the plastic screen. Unless the sheet is cleaned or changed after every ride, passengers would continue to face the risk of getting infected. So, the idea seems to benefit the cabbie and not necessarily the passengers.

However, the cabbie does deserve some commendation for his unique idea. We are sure the hack could be improved to provide equal protection to both drivers and passengers. With more than 1.25 lakh infected and over 4,000 deaths globally, we all need to work together to find a solution for stopping coronavirus.

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