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Pure EV Electric Scooters To Get Lithium-Ion Batteries That Can Resolve Defects Automatically

Pure EV Electric Scooter
Pure EV Electric Scooter

PURE EV’s ‘BaTRics Faraday’ System can address the issues in defective battery right from the customer’s residence

PURE EV is a electric vehicle startup which was incubated at IIT Hyderabad. Now, it has come up with an Artificial Intelligence backed update that can address any issue of defects in the lithium-ion battery pack of electric vehicles. This system does not need to vehicle to be brought to any service center for rectification but can be done at the customer’s residence itself.

Called ‘BaTRics Faraday’ System, it remotely checks defects in a series of batteries using Artificial Intelligence with no need of any manual intervention. The team of researchers has designed Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-based algorithms that can identify various series of batteries and rectify the defects to their best electro chemical potential of cells.

Next Gen AI Solution

The lithium-ion battery pack, which is the most vital component of any electric vehicle, consists of multiple lithium ion cells, welded together in series and parallel arrangements so as to comply with voltage and ampere hour capacities.

Any defect in any cell series in these batteries leads to downtime. It is also a mammoth task to detect which are the defective series of cells and to get them replaced. Hence via this new AI driven hardware, this task is made easy which allows for external detection and rectification thus saving man hours in the manual replacement of series of cells.

Pure EV Electric Scooter
Pure EV Electric Scooter Batteries with next-gen AI tech

Testing of the ‘BaTRics Faraday’ system has been completed and can be used on all 5 electric scooters launched by PURE EV in India. These e-scooters are already in sale in India, these include the Epluto 7g, Etrance Neo, Etrance, Egnite and Etron+. The system will come into effect from Q1 2021.

As on date, ‘BaTRics Faraday’ System from PURE EV is based out of its factory. However, the company plans to set up company owned Battery Diagnostics and Repair workshops across many regions in India where demand is high. These workshops will ensure lower ‘Turn Around Time’ (TAT) for battery repair.

Pure EV Electric Scooter
Pure EV Electric Scooter

PURE EV – CISR Collaboration

Earlier last month, PURE EV also announced collaboration with CSIR – Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI), headquartered at Karaikudi, with an extension center in Chennai. Through this alliance, the company plans on indigenizing lithium-ion battery technology for electric vehicles and a MoU to this effect has also been signed. This will allow for indigenous Lithiou-Ion technology and will help in boosting electric vehicle demand along with stationary and storage applications.

The Hyderabad based PURE EV startup operates from a dedicated factory spread over an area of 70,000 sq ft. It manufactures high performance lithium batteries and has access to R&D facilities from IIT Hyderabad along with technological support. Funding was via Hyderabad-based pharmaceuticals visionary Shri V.C. Nannapaneni, Chairman and Managing Director, NATCO Pharma Ltd, and the startup currently has a valuation of USD 35 Million.

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