Passengers push start a train when its engine stopped in the middle of a public road

The engine of Kailaras-Sabalgadh, a narrow gauge passenger train developed a snag and overheated due to which it stopped in the middle of the road.

push start a train india
The engine of the train gave up due to over-heating and came to a stand still in the middle of a busy road.

This brought the train to a standstill, and cause of a major traffic jam (as seen in the image above). Passengers were left in the lurch awaiting timely help from the railway authorities and technical team who took their own time to react while the train stood stranded in the middle of a road.

It is at this point that one of the passenger thought of a novel idea – we can push start any vehicle in India, why not push start a train. Other passengers, who were left with no other option, thought of giving it a try. They all got down and started doing something which is not usual.

push start a train india
The passengers are seen enjoying while some admire the view, which probably they are seeing for the first time.

The passengers of the narrow gauge Kailaras-Sabalgadh train used their combined efforts and managed to push the train for a few meters. It is at this time, the engine finally started and one could see a cloud of black smoke coming out from its head. The journey then continued with it rolling into the station proving that when all else fails it is only human power and might that comes to the rescue.

push start a train india
The black smoke resulted in a big hurray from the train passengers.

The feat achieved by the passengers of Kailaras-Sabalgadh train could surely find mention in ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’.

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