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RE Hunter 350 Street Tracker Custom Motorcycle Looks Alienist

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Street Tracker is powered by the same 349cc J-Series engine as other 350cc stablemates

Hunter 350 Street Tracker Custom
Hunter 350 Street Tracker

If there is one brand that motorcycle modders love, it is Royal Enfield. With a blank canvas to work on, a modder can get his vision down on a Royal Enfield and end up with a unique motorcycle. Royal Enfield motorcycles are very friendly to work on and change to extract different characters.

One such modder, Okeasyshop, created a radical-looking Street Tracker motorcycle based on a newly launched Hunter 350. It gets a completely different face and looks a lot like an actual Street Tracker bike that Royal Enfield would have made. Let’s take a look.

Hunter 350 Street Tracker

Street Tracker motorcycles are the ones that are track racers with just enough equipment on them to pass the regulations and be classified as street-legal motorcycles. Flat track racers are those motorcycles that take place on an unpaved track.

This track is usually oval in shape and flat track racers don’t come with front brakes so racers could steer their vehicle with rear wheels. Street Trackers come with front brakes, though. To convert a stock Royal Enfield Hunter 350 into a street-legal Street Tracker, Okeasyshop has incorporated a lot of changes.

Hunter 350 Street Tracker Custom Price

For starters, the headlight assembly is completely removed to incorporate a flat panel with some LEDs in them just to pass off as headlights. The LEDs are stacked vertically into two clusters that give the bike an alienist look. With the removal of headlight assembly, speedo is gone as well. It is shifted below the fuel tank towards its left facing upwards.

This is done to keep the Hunter 350 Street Tracker looks without skimping on regulations. The stock handlebar is replaced by a taller one and front telescopic forks are replaced with USD forks finished in a golden shade. Viewing it from the right reveals a beautifully done custom exhaust that is upswept in its design.

Custom Rear Subframe

Other changes spotted are Nissin calipers to drop anchor better, a custom single-seat layout and an extremely minimal and tidy tail section. To mount this single-seat, Okeasyshop has modified the frame to have a bolt-on rear subframe. A custom rear subframe allowed the modder to also incorporate a monoshock instead of a dual shock absorber setup on a stock bike.

Hunter 350 Custom

With a free-flowing exhaust, Hunter 350 Street Tracker custom motorcycle is likely to perform a tad brisker than stock bike owing to weight savings. Stock Hunter 350 makes 20.2 bhp and 27 Nm of torque from its 349cc engine. This mod was based on Hunter Metro variant and hence comes with alloy wheels. With around 15 new motorcycles brewing in Royal Enfield’s labs, should they consider incorporating a Street Tracker as well? Maybe.


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