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Renault Duster given for service involved in accident, driver flees – Police call owner

Kamalkant, a resident of Chandigarh, gave his broken down Renault Duster for repairs to authorized Renault RSA on 1st June 2018. From there on the car had to be towed to PMG Renault for repairs and was ready for delivery on 8th July. However, due to a busy schedule, the owner requested the service center to retain the car till the 18th July.

Kamalkant received a call on the 16th of July to come and take delivery of the car on an urgent basis. Luckily he was not able to go on the appointed date but stated that he would come the next day.

File Photo. Image for reference.

Prior to him taking possession of his vehicle, the local police called him up about an accident that had occurred in which his Renault Duster was involved. The police asked him, where is his car. Kamalkant said it is at a dealer. Police called him to the police station immediately.

Because his car was involved in a hit and run accident in which a 6 year old child was killed while the driver had ran away from the scene of the crime. Kamalkant informed the police that his car has been with the service center since 1st July. He then directed them to the said Renault service center.

Investigations are underway and the owner of the Duster has filed an FIR with the Haryana Police Citizens Service which has been accepted under Section 279 of IPC and 304 (A) of IPC. Police has impounded the Renault Duster.

Copy of the FIR filed. Image – Team-BHP.

In a mail to the Renault service center, Kamalkar has asked for the child’s family to be compensated and that his vehicle be replaced with another similar vehicle as a goodwill gesture from the company, at least till his own Duster is released by the police.

To this, Renault Support Team has replied to the mail stating that while they are sympathetic towards the accident and regret what has occurred they will not be able to comply with his demands.

Now it remains to be ascertained, through further police investigations, who was driving the Renault Duster at the time of the accident. What action will be taken against him and what compensation will be given to the family of the child killed in the accident. Kamalkant will also not be receiving back his Renault Duster at least till all investigations are completed.


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