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Renault India Sales Milestone – Hits Remarkable 9 Lakh Sales Units

Renault India Sales Milestone
Renault India Sales Milestone

Renault India sales milestone – Success Story Surpasses 9 lakh Units: Innovation, Safety, Customer Satisfaction

Renault India sales milestone of 9 lakh units unlocked within just 11 years of its presence in the country. This achievement can be attributed to several key factors that have contributed to Renault’s success in the Indian automotive market. Future plans for Renault India include new launches.

One of the primary factors behind this accomplishment is Renault’s innovative and disruptive product portfolio. The company has consistently introduced unique and cutting-edge products, focusing on quality, safety, and innovation. Renault’s diverse product lineup includes popular models such as the KIGER, TRIBER, which have received high ratings for adult occupant safety by the Global NCAP. Innovative Renault India products include the Kwid small car that’s built here with 98 percent localisation.

From Countryside to Cityscape: Renault India’s Rural-Focused Strategy Races Ahead

Renault’s commitment towards customer satisfaction has also played a vital role in its sales success. The company has prioritized delivering exceptional ownership experiences through a vast network of 450 sales and 530 service touchpoints across the country. This extensive network expansion has allowed Renault to cater to the evolving needs of its customers effectively.

Furthermore, Renault has adopted a rural-focused strategy, recognizing the immense potential in India’s rural markets. By strategically targeting these areas, the company has been able to expand its customer base and achieve significant sales growth.

Renault India Sales Milestone
Renault India Sales Milestone

The Road to Localisation: Renault India’s Journey Towards 90% Domestic Sourcing

Renault’s success can also be attributed to its pioneering marketing initiatives. The company has implemented innovative and engaging marketing campaigns to create awareness and generate interest in its products. These initiatives have helped Renault establish a strong brand presence in the Indian market.

Looking towards the future, Renault has set ambitious goals for localization. The company aims to achieve 90 percent localisation for its upcoming products, demonstrating its commitment to the Indian market. Additionally, Renault has developed a strategic long-term plan for India, focusing on localization in its future product range.

Renault India’s Accelerated Journey: From Strategic Market to Market Leader

India is a strategic market for Groupe Renault, and the company aims to strengthen its position further. It is among the top 5 markets for Renault globally, and the company has a strong product offensive plan in place for India. Renault remains dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of Indian consumers through continuous innovations in its products and services.

With its remarkable achievements and growth trajectory, Renault India is poised for continued success and growth in the Indian automotive market. The company’s emphasis on delivering unique products, advanced safety features, and exceptional customer experiences will undoubtedly contribute to its future accomplishments. Renault’s commitment to quality, safety, innovation, and its strong partnerships further solidify its position as a leading player in the Indian automotive industry.

Venkatram Mamillapalle, Country CEO & Managing Director, Renault India Operations said, “We are extremely thrilled to have crossed the 9-lac sales milestone in India. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to this remarkable achievement. Over the last few years, we have established a strong foundation in India.”

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