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Renault Kwid is the 5th best selling car in India for March 2016

Renault Kwid is the 5th best selling car
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For the first time since its launch, sales of Renault Kwid has crossed the 9,500 mark.

Launched back in September 2015, Renault Kwid has seen outstanding success in the Indian auto industry. With sales of 41,250 units to date, the small car has single-handedly resulted in the increase in market share of Renault India.

With each passing month, sales figures of Renault Kwid are on the rise. For March 2016, Kwid sales touched a record high of 9,743 units, making it the 5th best selling car in India for the month. It is also the highest ever a Renault car has been placed in the list of best-selling cars for the month.

Renault Kwid production capacity

Competing with world’s best-selling car, Maruti Alto, Renault Kwid USP is its SUVish looks and innovative features; all at an unmatched starting price tag of INR 2.6 lakh. This package has resulted in Renault acquiring over 1 lakh bookings in a short period.

The four cars above Renault Kwid are all Maruti Suzuki products, as is the case for most monthly sales reports. The top four are – Maruti Alto with 22,101 units sold, Maruti DZire with 17,796 units sold, Maruti WagonR with 14,577 units sold, and Maruti Swift with 14,524 units sold.

Speaking of other cars in the top 10 list, Hyundai Grand i10, and Elite i20 were positioned at No. 6 and No. 8 with sales of 9,544 units and 8,713 units respectively. Hyundai Grand i10 gained one position, sales increased 8% while sales of Hyundai Elite i20 saw a 16% decline and dipped from 5th position to No. 8 on March 2016 list.

Renault Kwid AMT 1 Liter

Renault Kwid AMT 1 Liter

Maruti Suzuki Celerio stood at No. 7 with sales of 8,859 units, up 75% as compared to sales of 5,074 units in March 2015. The reason for improved sales performance was the introduction of auto gear shift technology (AMT). At no 9 was the new Maruti Baleno with 6,236 units sold.

The sole Honda in the list – City that made it to the list of 10 best selling cars in March 2016 at the No.10 position with a total of 5,662 units sold as against 9,777 units sold in March 2015.

Renault Kwid 1.0-litre – Photos


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  • Kumar Gianaani

    Dear Mr Mandar (Renault Mumbai Dealer),

    Cheating is your birth right should be your company logo while selling cars and servicing them.

    The car was delivered by me personally to Mr Pradip on 2nd April.

    The list was given and explained.on 4th I was told the car was tried tested and ok for delivery but the driver side outside handle latch was not in stock.

    On 6th i was told that the barrel of the lock is defective and needs replacement and the part would take at least 15 days to 20 days.

    I think after the fall of Europe they left losers from the world in the form of Renault to come and loot india and fool indian customers.

    You sell cars with defected barrels which can get locked anytime with the car in motion. Means all your cars sold are killing machines on the road.

    The car has come to you for service twice before were you sleeping.

    You are herby requested to give a press statement and recall all your cars with immediate effect.

    You have kept my car for a week.and have no answers to your deficiencies except calling me and fooling me.

    This is also happened with my other kwid mh02 dj 6318 which was retained in your work shop for 9 days because the airconditioning had failed and you did not have spares.

    If all spares are in chennai then why sell cars in mumbai.take your dam piece of shit from Mumbai and sell it in chennai

    We will take up the matter with our legal department immediately and also all government departments who have given Renault to sell cars to kill Indians.

    If needed be we shall move the law of the land time ensure you are don’t allowed to misuse and cheat Indians.

    You are advised to kindly refund us the value of both the cars with intrest within 7 days failing which we will be forced strict measures criminal and civil and as advised by our legal cell to set things right.

    I hope sense prevails and you take action on your misdoings.

    Kumar Gianaani