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Renault Symbioz Concept revealed in Frankfurt : Co-exist with your surroundings

Revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault Symbioz Concept connects to the driver’s home wirelessly while adding another room when parked. Renault has demonstrated exactly how this works at Frankfurt with the battery pack powering the home and it also serves as a backup power supply during blackout.

Household appliances can be controlled through this concept and if a long trip is planned, the car can instruct the house to pull down shutters, turn down heating etc.

Renault Symbioz Concept measures 4.7 mtrs in length, 1.98 mtrs in width and 1.38 mtrs tall. It has the most spacious interiors for a car this size and comes in with styling borrowed from the Trezor concept. Made of light weight cabon fiber, the Symboiz has the top half made from glass. The vehicle’s autonomous sensors are built into this structure.

Two electric motors power the Renault Symbioz Concept. These are both rear mounted and power one rear wheel each. The engine offers 661 bhp power and 487 lb/ft torque offering a range of 500 kms. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph is possible in less than 6 seconds and the 72 kWh battery back can reach 80% charge in a matter of 20 minutes.

Renault Symbioz Concept is presented in three driving modes. The Classic Mode showcases the set up of current cars. Dymanic Mode transforms the car interior setup into a hatch like experience and AD Mode activates full autonomy. For the home mode, the Symboiz drives into the home where it becomes an additional room or connected space. See video and images below.

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