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Revolt Electric Motorcycles To Electrify Domino’s Pizza Delivery Fleet In India

Revolt Electric Motorcycles To Delivery Domino's Pizza
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Domino’s to procure Revolt RV300 motorcycles to increase its electric delivery fleet

Domino’s will work with Revolt Motors to to introduce a larger number of electric bikes in its delivery fleet. Through the partnership, Domino’s will procure the entire existing inventory of Revolt’s RV300 bike model. The development comes on the back of a successful pilot project.

Domino’s electric fleet is specially customized to suit its business needs. The end result is zero-emission delivery. The delivery bike market is one that has grown considerably in recent years. And, there’s great potential for it to transform into a largely electric fleet in the years to come.

Savings for the company

Electric bikes are being presented as economic solutions. And marketing is focused on lower maintenance and running costs compared to petrol engine bikes. The direct comparison of running cost is set at an approx 9 bucks for 100 kms, which translates to savings.

Anjali Rattan, Business Chairman of RattanIndia Enterprises said “Revolt is happy to join hands with Domino’s in this partnership which not only makes sense environmentally, but also offers great cost savings for the company.”

Revolt electric motorcycle delivery start in Ahmedabad, Chennai
Revolt electric motorcycles

A boost for the Indian auto industry is expected to come from electric two-wheelers. Viewed as a growing segment in the global bike market, it thus seems an attractive investment opportunity for investors. With the market expected to grow in the next couple of years, it’s likely to create a significant number of high-growth businesses in this space. Being an industry that continually emphasises on a cleaner tomorrow, the approach towards e-bikes needs to be based on holistic.

Business growth potential

Apart from demand drivers such as population growth and disposable income levels per capita in India, there are other factors that are driving demand for these vehicles. For instance, government’s focus on increasing the uptake of two-wheelers by providing them with access to subsidies and growth drivers.

This provides an opportunity to both manufacturers, and retailers. The large number of lifestyle segment consumers is also a significant contributor towards the growth in revenue from these bikes. For investors looking at making a foray into this market, research recommends taking up electric two wheeler manufacturing and distribution to have a clear market share in respective segments.

Indian electric two wheeler market is expected to present an attractive investment opportunity in a range of business avenues. This includes parts manufacturing, distribution and focus on charging infra among other things. Given the growing variety of electric two-wheelers currently available, it is important to understand that there are a number of different markets they cater to. Clear outlines require the new age industry to follow the government’s requirements for registration if they want to continue selling their bikes under government-backed schemes.

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