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What happens when Bajaj rickshaw is fitted with Honda CBR600F engine? [Video]

Fascination for India’s three wheeled auto rickshaw continues to grow. Inspired by the use of a rickshaw in Far Cry 4, Colin Furze has decided to give the usually under-powered rickshaw, some more power. But how? Well, to start, he has a Honda CBR600F Repsol edition superbike. So? Why not use this sportsbike’s engine to power the rickshaw? Brilliant idea.

Colin Furze is a well known personality on YouTube. Known for his fascinating videos built on basic engineering, he today has over 691k subscribers and 60 million views.

Not many would have thought of doing this, but if you scan through his YouTube channel, you would know that thats what he does – What no one has ever done before. In the video below, Colin shows us how he managed to replace the Bajaj RE auto rickshaw’s 150 cc engine with a larger 600 cc engine from his Honda sportsbike. He has also replaced the instrument panel, tyres and exhaust.

Sadly, we do not get to see the updated rickshaw with a Honda 600cc engine at work. For that, we will have to wait a few more days. Colin has promised to release it soon.

Also known as ‘tuk tuk’, if you have ever travelled in it, you will realize how under-powered (and over-charged) it is. With a seating capacity for three adults, and a driver, the standard 150cc engine (generating 8.8 hp and 14 Nm torque) is definitely not enough. But even then, we know how the rickshaw drivers drive around in the city with this under-powered engine. Just imagine what would happen if they were given access to Colin’s version!

UPDATE – Colin added a second part of the video a few hours ago. In this video he shows how he will weaponize the rickshaw. Now we wait for the third video, which will put his super tuk-tuk in action.

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