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Yamaha R15 rider dies on race track, parents sue helmet company

A 20-year-old bike racer lost his life after an accident at the Kari Motor Speedway. His parents have filed a complaint against the helmet company.

Open track race day for aspirational bikers was organized by Coimbatore Racing Academy at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, on Sunday. Sadly, a young 20-year-old rider lost his life during the race day.

J Nandakumar, 20, an avid biker, lost control of his bike while taking on a corner. This resulted in the bike flipping and him crashing. He suffered severe head injuries despite wearing a helmet and succumbed to the same at a private hospital. His parents now plan to file a complaint against the manufacturers of the helmet, cause if the helmet had not broken, their son would have survived.

Nandakumar's helmet after the crash

Nandakumar’s helmet after the crash

In addition to that, Nandkumar’s brother alleges that the ambulance that carried his brother to the hospital was ill equipped. It lacked basic first aid equipment while there was also no nurse or doctor on board.

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Tarun Kumar, of Coimbatore Racing Academy, who had organized the race day, stated – “Generally during training sessions, a coach would drive in front of the racers to control their speed. But this event was open for riding and there were no coaches. We had ensured that all safety gears were available with the racers and also followed all the safety norms.”

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Nandakumar has been an avid racer since the age of 18. He has participated in a series or races even at national level and had only recently purchased a new bike after taking a loan. His father was also planning to attend the race day on Sunday but had to cancel at the last minute.

Nandakumar's helmet after the crash

Nandakumar’s helmet after the crash

A staffer at Kari Motor Speedway stated that such accidents are rare. Tarun has regularly been holding such practice sessions at the track and followed stringent safety regulations while senior racer, Vidya Prakash was shocked when told about the incident. A case of accidental death was registered under section 174 of CrPC while the body of Nandakumar was handed over to his parents later on Sunday evening.

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  • Unfortunate incident, how do companies like MT get to sell their helmets if they cannot sustain. I think there should be a proper body that checks safety of such critical products comprising of experienced riders and people who use them instead of some fat rear bureaucrat signing documents without knowing anything at all. Also the track management should be kept under scanner for not maintaining emergency response team. This is absolutely unacceptable.

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