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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R rider dies of Brain Hemorrhage as they could not remove his helmet

Sales Manager at Jaguar Land Rover in Jaipur, 34 year old Rohit Shekhawat was involved in a high speed motorcycle crash in Jaipur. He was riding a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, a bike that costs about Rs 23 lakhs. It is one of the fastest production spec motorcycle you can buy today.

Powered by a 998 cc 4 cylinder engine, which delivers 197.3 Bhp @ 13000 rpm and 113.5 Nm @ 11500 rpm. It does 0-100 kmph in under 3 seconds and has a top speed of 300 kmph. Riding such a bike, you need years of experience. And Rohit had that on his side. But in spite of that, he was involved in a high speed crash.

The rider was over-speeding on an empty stretch of the road when suddenly a pedestrian appeared on the road. As it was night, by the time Rohit realized that there was a pedestrian in his path, it was too late. He hit the pedestrian. This resulted in Rohit losing control of his ZX-10R and falling on the road. The bike went on to crash into the divider. The pedestrian too is badly injured.

“The man who was crossing the road has been identified as Akhilesh, a resident of Nahargarh area. He is fatally injured in the accident and undergoing treatment at the hospital,” said an official.

Rohit on the other hand, was wearing safety gear, as well as a helmet. He survived the crash, but his head had sustained internal injuries, due to which there was excessive internal bleeding. Blood had started collecting in his head. He had gone unconscious due to the accident. People tried to remove the helmet, but could not as it was a double D-Ring strap.

All racing helmets come with double D-Ring lock mechanism. It is what is used in helmets of professional racers as well. They are more secure, and keeps the helmet in place even on heavy impact. Sadly, the people around were not used to the mechanism, and thus were not able to remove the helmet.

People on the road took both, Rohit and Akhilesh to a nearby hospital. Rohit was declared dead on arrival. Doctor said that he died due to Brain Hemorrhage as his helmet was not removed.

“It seems that Shekhawat was driving in high speed and applied sudden braked when he found Akhilesh crossing the road ahead of him. The bike skidded and biker hit slammed into a divider,” said Dalip Singh, investigation officer in the case. Akhilesh is in a critical state, and is in the ICU currently.

“The reasons behind the accident are being probed. We are waiting for Akhilesh to recover and give his statement that will help us arrive at some conclusion about what exactly had transpired,” said Singh.

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