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Road accidents resulted in over 1.47 lakh deaths in 2015

With the number of accidents on Indian roads increasing, complications and repercussions related need evaluation. In 2015, over 1.47 lakh people lost their life owing to accidents. Road accident fatalities are at its highest level with close to 400 people dying every day, accounting to about five deaths every twenty minutes.

Despite precautions, accidents are commonplace. It may not be your fault, but you’d still be at the receiving end. Safe driving practices couldn’t save the day if someone else is at fault. On any given day, anyone could experience damage to their car and hurt themselves or others. You may often find yourself unable to pay cash for repairs right away. It’s a primary reason why we buy car insurance. This, and the fact that you can’t actually drive a car without appropriate insurance.

Last year, Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of fatalities followed by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan as per data. Life loss is majorly attributed to the attitude of other road users at the time of an accident with most shrugging any responsibility at such a crucial time. Sometimes the difference between life and death is the precious few moments right after a collision. Since most people on the road choose not to get involved, there are instances of those involved in an accident bleeding to death.

Factors impacting road accidents have increased over time. Studies point to the need of seamless phone use options for drivers. Many times, drivers are distracted when taking a call or accessing a message update while driving. There’s evidence of overworked drivers who lose concentration owing to fatigue as they fall asleep at the wheel. Some people even choose to drive home after an evening of moderate to heavy drinking. When someone over speeds despite speed limitations, they often find no time to slow down before a collision.

Until habits change, road accidents will continue to take lives. Weather conditions make driving difficult at certain times. Roads play an important role with potholes, broken roads, nasty dividers, blind spots, jaywalking, and other factors playing an active role in road accidents. Lane indiscipline causes accidents and dangerous pileups.

While the accident fallout maybe short term, those involved in an accident could deal with debilitating medical conditions for a longer period of time. Car insurance will only be of help if it’s up to date. Make sure you have done your Car Insurance Online renewal.

Despite precautions, you’re likely to find a dent on the bonnet for no apparent reason. Daily parking accidents are commonplace with people squeezing in or backing up. Contact with pillars at parking lots, lamp posts, and a car too close to you can result in mild to serious scratches on side panels. Losing a headlight, taillight, rear-view mirror or a loose bumper is a problem more and more car owners are grappling with. People could pound your car and cause more damage than an actual accident does. There’s also petty thieves trying to break into your car. The risks are many, and unpredictable. It’s wise to be prepared to take on such daily challenges. It is also important to remember car insurance renewal date in order to safeguard yourself from such expenses.

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