Road safety regulations to increase awareness and responsibility on Indian streets: Take responsibility India

One only has to open the morning’s newspapers to read about a host of accidents on Indian roads. Some are minor but a great deal are major ones causing death and maiming and unless something is done quickly to stall or reduce these accidents, driving on Indian roads will become a nightmare.  We are all aware of the conditions of Indian roads.  India possesses about 3 million kilometers of roads out of which only 60% are tarred roads.  Majority of roads are rural areas or on the outskirts of towns and major cities where maintenance is negligible.  These roads are death traps literally waiting for the next accident victim to meet with an accident and lost their life of limb.

An increased incident of accidents has resulted in a growing awareness of how to improve the quality of roads or how to ensure safe driving so as to reduce these fatalities.  The World Health Organization has conducted a survey in which it was found that every year 1.2 million persons lose their lives in road accidents across the world.  India is a country where unlike in the west we have more of pedestrians, two wheelers and a total lack of safety norms and hence incidents of fatal accidents are higher than in the west.  A could not care less attitude is adopted by commuters and pedestrians alike.  Crossing the road has become a horrendous situation and it is estimated that one child is killed in road accidents every three minutes in the world.

Indian auto companies are bringing out two and four wheelers by the hoards, while foreign manufacturers are keen to export their new vehicles into India with the least amount of concern on the damage they are causing to life and air conditions.

There are a number of factors that go into the cause of such major accidents on Indian or Asian roads, which is higher than in any other country.  In fact it is estimated that 85% of all road accidents occur in Asian Pacific regions.  Lack of accountability, lackadaisical attitude, no stringent rules and regulations, dearth of manpower to enforce rules and enforce fines, etc have all contributed to four and two wheeler drivers driving without a care in the world either for their own lives or for the lives of others.