Rolls Royce Ghost KoChaMongKol bespoke car premieres at 2016 Bangkok Motor Show

Thailand’s first bespoke Roller made its world debut at the ongoing 2016 Bangkok Motor Show. Called as the Rolls Royce Ghost KoChaMongKol, the exclusive one-off luxury limousine was created by the elite British marque’s bespoke division.

Based on the extended wheelbase (EWB) variant, the special Ghost KoChaMongKol is designed by the car maker in association with Thailand government’s Department of Fine Arts. The stately limousine is finished in exquisite English White exterior paint job. Further exclusivity comes from the Mandarin coach line with elephant motif (created by Mark Court) on the front fenders. In fact, the bespoke project pays respect to the revered animal.

Rolls Royce Ghost KoChaMongKol at 2016 Bangkok Motor Show
The one-off Ghost KoChaMongKol pays respect to the elephant, a revered animal in Thailand.

The interior of the Ghost KoChaoMongKol is appointed in natural leather in a dual-tone Smoke Grey and Dark Spice color theme. One can see the elephant motifs on the centre console and door trims. Contrast Mandarin seat piping and stitching further elevate the cabin’s grandeur.

The Ghost EWB is powered by a 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 petrol engine which develops 563 PS and 780 Nm of torque. A 8-speed ZF transmission drives the rear wheels.

Rolls Royce Ghost KoChaMongKol at 2016 Bangkok Motor Show
The specially appointed interior adopts Mandarin, Smoke Grey and Dark Spice color combo with elephant motifs at strategic locations.

Clearly, the Rolls Royce Ghost KoChaoMongKol targets Elite Thai customers with bespoke elements that connect with the country’s culture and heritage. The company didn’t reveal whether the one-off bespoke model has already been sold out. Neither do we know anything about the pricing.

Live Photos from 2016 Bangkok Motor Show

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